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Bath complex

Studying the authentic traditions of the peoples from all over the world, we recreated the unique bath rituals, which harmoniously combine ancient secrets of beauty and longevity, the author's modern technique of treatment, premium cosmetic brands. The best world experts working on the project have turned every soaring into a truly exciting adventure that will fill you with vital energy and health.

SPA Riviera - unique in its design and scale bath complex, represented by 17 baths and saunas, fonts and jacuzzi, grotto of impressions, a real snow room!

We invite you on board at our liner!

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SPA Riviera Baths

Cedar steam room Cedar steam room_2

Cedar steam room

Temperature: 60-90°С
Humidity: 50-90%

Individual steam room. It is carried out soaring with a broom in two (four) hands by a professional soaring master on a table of 100-year-old Siberian cedar. Cedar is the warmest log house, creating healing air around itself. Cedar wood is surprisingly rich in nutrients that are concentrated in cedar resin - sap and released into the surrounding area when soaring.

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Russian steam room Russian steam room_2

Russian steam room

Temperature: 60-90°С
Humidity: 50-90%

There are many legends about its origin. This place was truly special at all times, it gave a person the opportunity to absorb the power of water, fire, air and earth. "Fragrant steam and body and soul treats" - so says the Russian proverb. Bath Russian procedures relieve stress, increase immunity. Due to the high temperature, the bath is considered the best way to fight skin diseases when cure infections. Well, the best massage is the traditional soaring with brooms.

Belarusian Lazne Belarusian Lazne _2

Belarusian Lazne

Temperature: 60-90°С
Humidity: 50-90%

Belarusian bath - the ancestor of the Russian bath. To maintain the temperature, hot stones are poured over with water and infusions of medicinal herbs, due to which the so-called “light steam” is created. At the set time, free SHOW-soaring are held with the participation of professional soaring masters, where each guest can feel the traditions of the Belarusian soaring!

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Hay sauna Hay sauna _2

Hay sauna

Temperature: 30-45°С
Humidity: 35-45%

Since the days of deep antiquity, our ancestors especially appreciated the hay baths, which were so loved by the royal ladies. Hay and medicinal herbs, through which steam passes, are the prevention of colds, and the effects of essential oils help to lose weight. A systematic visit to the hay bath improves the appearance of the skin and its tone. Herbs not only heal the body, but also the soul, soothe the nerves and normalize sleep.

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Snow room Snow room_2

Snow room

Temperature: 2-7°С

A unique opportunity to plunge into the snowy winter at any time of the year! Rubbing snow after visiting baths helps to restore immunity, improve blood circulation, prevent vascular diseases and hardening.

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Scythian steam room Scythian steam room_2

Scythian steam room

Temperature: 60-90°С
Humidity: 30-80%

The ancestors of the bath were the ancient Scythian tribes. In the Scythian steam room, a basket with heated stones immersed in a container with cold water is used as a source of steam. Jadeite stones are an inexhaustible storehouse of microelements. They are saturated with hot steam in the steam room, which makes the procedure healing and restorative.

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Belarusian bakery Belarusian bakery_2

Belarusian bakery

Temperature: 25-30°С

We bake bread in ovens according to old and original recipes. Breathing in the wonderful aromas of fresh bread creates a feeling of safety and well-being. To know the Schedule of baking bread, please contact the administrators.

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Finnish sauna Finnish sauna_2

Finnish sauna

Temperature: 70-110°С
Humidity: 5-15%

Finnish steam rooms belong to the dry type of baths, so that staying in a steam room is easily tolerated at high temperatures. Active sweating contributes to the removal of toxins from the body, wood itself has a special therapeutic effect.

Hammam Hammam_2


Hamam - traditional Turkish steam room. A visit to the hamam is a spiritual ceremony and a source of immense pleasure when complete relaxation and spiritual detoxification takes place. Hamam is ideal for those who do not like the high temperature of soaring. Hamam gives a sense of freedom from the hustle and bustle, heals the body, comprehensively normalizes health and help lose weight.

Himalayan bath Himalayan bath_2

Himalayan bath

Temperature: 35-45°С
Humidity: 20-40%

The sages and healers of the ancient East knew that Himalayan salt is a salvation from all diseases and ailments. In antiquity, the procedure was available only to the elected people! Bricks in a bath of extruded Himalayan salt of oceanic origin, which is still mined by hand. Vapor of salt is completely absorbed by the body, penetrating into the cell provides them with the necessary minerals and trace elements.

Japanese bath Japanese bath_2

Japanese bath

Temperature: 6-42°С

The point of visiting a Japanese bath is to heal the body not by exerting high temperatures on the body, but by using different water temperatures. The alternation of three baths with temperatures ranging from 6 ° C to 42 ° C helps to relieve tension, harmonize the emotional background and improve the work of the cardiovascular system. Features visiting the bath - immersion in the water to the level of the heart.

Kneipp track Kneipp track_2

Kneipp track

Thanks to water tanks of different temperatures, the Kneipp path perfectly tones, tempers the body and has a therapeutic effect. The procedure is recommended to complete a visit to the bath. Recommended stay up to 5 minutes

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The shower of impressions The shower of impressions _2

The shower of impressions

The shower of impressions system affects the feelings and emotions of a person through a combination of different water temperatures and pressures. Thanks to the Soul of Impressions, you can feel yourself in completely different climatic zones: in the hot tropics or on the sea coast, in the elements of an ocean storm or the epicenter of a thunderstorm.

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Pontic Bath Pontic Bath_2

Pontic Bath

Temperature: 50-80°С
Humidity: 30-40%

Wooden bath, inside which there are bunches of medicinal herbs and bags with herbal preparations. When heated, herbs fill the room with aroma and phytoncides that have antimicrobial and antibacterial effects. A rather intensive thermal procedure that stimulates the metabolism and triggers the mechanisms of detoxification.

Roman steam room Roman steam room_2

Roman steam room

Temperature: 40-50°С
Humidity: 60-100%

A mild temperature is easily tolerated. Gentle warm steam gently envelops, opening the pores and gently cleanses the skin. Roman bath will help not only in matters of beauty, but also in matters of health. After the procedure, you can feel a significant surge of strength and emotional lift. Immediately after leaving the steam room, you can feel an amazing lightness in the body. This feeling is very like those who are interested in losing weight.

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Moroccan steam room Moroccan steam room_2

Moroccan steam room

Temperature: 40-55°С
Humidity: 90-100%

The oldest and most effective steam bath is an ancient way of gaining beauty and health. Because of the comfortable temperature and humidity, this bath is popular with those who are not able to tolerate high temperatures. Practically no medical contraindications. Warm humid air saturated with the aromas of essential oils relaxes, activates and restores all processes in the body.

Sanarium Sanarium_2


Temperature: 45-60°С
Humidity: 50-60%

Sanarium is a mild form of the sauna, combining the calming heat of the Finnish sauna and the cleansing humidity of the steam room, creating the feeling of being in the rainforest. A milder temperature regime and not so much humidity, in comparison with the Finnish sauna and steam room, create a surprisingly relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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Scrub sauna Scrub sauna_2

Scrub sauna

Temperature: 35-45°С

Preparatory bath for steam procedures. After gentle warming, the steam master conducts peeling with salts with the addition of medical herbs, sugar, coffee, honey and herbal scrubs.

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Maximum possibilities in the SPA Riviera AQUA zone:

272 m² swimming pool with swim lanes and countercurrent
More than 10 types of hydromassage amuzements
Waterfall in the heart of the pool
Multistage water purification technology with minimal chlorine content
Cold font 0-2 ° C
Mineral bath
Jacuzzi on the balcony, working all year round
Pool bar with various types of drinks and teas
The visit to the complex is not limited in time

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