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Belly wraps after childbirth for weight loss in Minsk

Many young mothers are afraid of losing the thinness of the waist and elasticity of the skin after childbirth. After all, within 9 months, every pregnant girl grows her future child, and this can lead to weight gain and stretch marks. Also, due to the huge production of hormones, the skin condition can significantly deteriorate. But do not worry, because there are many ways and procedures to restore the slimness and beauty of the body after childbirth. To do this, you must:

Follow a diet. Proper nutrition will help not only to restore strength in the first months after birth, but also to saturate the body with all the vitamins and minerals, the supply of which was actively depleted throughout pregnancy.
To move more. Of course, immediately after the birth of the baby, you should not sign up for fitness or do cardio in the gym – this can be dangerous for your health, since the body has not yet had time to recover after the birth of the child. However, you can walk more, for example, with a stroller, or do house cleaning. Such simple but useful activities will help you spend extra calories.
Massages and wraps after childbirth for weight loss. Anti-cellulite massages with the use of special cosmetics, as well as wraps that can be done at home, will help to restore elasticity and elasticity of the skin of the abdomen, but salon procedures will bring much less trouble and more benefit.
Wraps for the abdomen after childbirth can be started in 2-3 months after birth, see how you feel. However, before making an appointment for this procedure, you should consult your doctor. Contraindications can be various skin diseases, as well as diabetes, insufficiency of certain organs, etc.
+ Make the skin supple and elastic;

+ Helps to keep your figure in shape;

+ Relieve puffiness;

+ Allow you to get rid of slags and toxins.

- Will not be effective without a healthy diet;

- It is required to carry out abdominal wraps after childbirth in the complex.

SPA Riviera offers a wrap procedure for young mothers. Thanks to the innovative system, you can get noticeable results in just a couple of sessions. Products are used only natural based on active ingredients without parabens and silicone. We will help you restore elasticity and elasticity to your skin, as well as correct your figure, returning it to its former slimness and lightness.

Belly wraps after childbirth for weight loss in Minsk

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