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Thanks to the study of the traditions of authentic vapors, we have recreated unique bath rituals, in which ancient secrets of beauty, longevity and original modern techniques of carrying out procedures are harmoniously combined. The best world experts working on the project have turned every soaring into a truly exciting adventure that will fill you with vital energy and health.

Select your soaring
Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 220 BYN

The program is characterized by intense steaming. The use of a birch broom, which has an excellent massage effect on problem areas, will help to maintain your physical form in excellent condition.

Duration: 120 minutes
Price: 270 BYN

Soaring is done on herbal mattresses of special hay with the collection of medicinal herbs. Hot steam bath reveals the spicy aroma of herbs, providing a unique aromatherapy effect.

Duration: 90 minutes
Price: 180 BYN

Since ancient times, the bath has been a special place and a favorite form of recreation for kings and princess. It allows you to activate important vital centers, impart drive and activity, energize without straining or overloading the nervous system.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: 120 BYN

The rhythm of the modern metropolis imperceptibly, but firmly holds us in the clutches of constant stress and demands the impossible from everyone who strives for success. The program of soaring in the age-old Belarusian traditions allows you to quickly and reliably restore lost strength.

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: 70 BYN

Individual traditional soaring in the Russian steam bath. Oak and fir brooms are used, which bring maximum benefit and pleasure to the body.

Strenght and longevity
Duration: 10 minutes
Price: 45 BYN

Soaring in a steam room using two oak brooms. At all times, the oak was considered a sacred tree, symbolizing strength, courage, longevity, fertility, nobility.

Duration: 110 minutes
Price: 235 BYN

This soaring is aimed at removing toxins from the body. The importance of such purification for the body is difficult to overestimate. Intoxication, slagging is an overload, a metabolic disorder, excess weight, a blow to health and beauty.

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