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This soaring is aimed at removing toxins from the body. The importance of such purification for the body is difficult to overestimate. Intoxication, slagging is an overload, a metabolic disorder, excess weight, a blow to health and beauty.

Duration 110 minutes
Cost 235 BYN
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More about the treatment

Soft and deep warming, a combination of aromatherapy and selected for you complex of vaping,

maintaining the water balance in the body will help to remove toxins as much as possible.

After steaming and cleansing the body in a scrub bath with a special peeling,

you will be offered a contrasting soft douche in the shower.

During the second approach,

a circular hovering with oak brooms

and wiping with birch will be performed.

After that, a nourishing mask will be

applied to the entire body. At the end of the steam session, you will have a detox tea waiting for you.


disposable underwear and a hat for vaping are offered;
the guest takes a position on his stomach, with a cold birch broom under his head;
steam injection;
conducting a General warm-up until the appearance of profuse sweating - 10 minutes;
scrubbing in the scrub bath with Spaquatoria "Brown algae" -15 minutes;
rest, tea-10 minutes;
circular steaming with oak brooms and wiping with birch in the steam room at moderate temperature and humidi


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