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Pearl baths

one of the varieties of hydromassage, which helps to relieve stress and has a general healing effect

Duration minutes
Cost 31 BYN
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More about the treatment

Pearl baths are one of the types of hydromassage, 
which helps to relieve stress,
and is also an excellent restorative therapy. The pearl bath got its name from
the use of compressed air bubbles,
which, passing through the water,
resemble pearls shimmering in the sun. It is especially recommended for
diseases of the nervous system,
as well as for stimulating metabolic processes in tissues.
Pearl baths in SPA Riviera are of the following types:

- pearl bath with lavender concentrate 
added to the bath
(essential oil from fresh lavender flowers) especially recommended for: stress,
irritability, anxiety, sleep problems - pearl bath with the addition of juniper
concentrate to the bath (essential oil of needles and juniper fruits) recommended for diseases of the musculoskeletal system - pearl bath with eucalyptus-camphor especially recommended for colds

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