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1 year GOLD

Duration Unlimited
Cost 3450 BYN
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More about the treatment

unlimited access to SPA Riviera aquathermal complex of Standard category

- 4 guest visits of the Standard category

- 5 sessions of express vaping Strength and longevity 
in a total steam room lasting 10 minutes; - 1 session of express vaping in an individual steam room, duration - 15 minutes - 1 session Foam ritual in the hammam lasting 30 minutes - 1 session Altai soaring in a cedar barrel, 15 minutes - 1 spa treatment session Local-Traditional, 30 min
new 6 sessions in the sleep room

new 50% discount for 1 individual Pilates training 
on the Pilates Allegro machine (by appointment) new unlimited: workouts (in a group)
in the Conscious Fitness Room (by appointment) - 10% discount on spa services,
therapeutic massages and personal training
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