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The rhythm of the modern metropolis imperceptibly, but firmly holds us in the clutches of constant stress and demands the impossible from everyone who strives for success. The program of soaring in the age-old Belarusian traditions allows you to quickly and reliably restore lost strength.

Duration 50 minutes
Cost 120 BYN
Visit SPA

More about the treatment

Steaming involves warming up with oak and rubbing with birch brooms. The procedure of steaming in several passes with the submission of aroma oils, which is accompanied by a story about the properties of herbs and aromas and "acquaintance" with the steam. After the first call, you will receive a contrast procedure (at the request of the guest): bathing in an ice font. And after the second STEAM master will RUB ice cubes with Belarusian herbs. Complete the procedure with a tea party with meadow herbs and flower honey.


disposable underwear is offered;
the guest takes a position on his stomach, with a cold birch broom under his head;
the injection of steam;
conducting a non-contact "pass" from the feet to the head;
making light contact with an oak broom;
covering the head with a cold birch broom;
conducting the third "pass" is more intense and with greater impact force, but it is comfortable for the guest;
rubbing with a birch broom from the feet to the head;
the same procedure is r

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