The hammam sauna (when translated from Arabic is read as spreading heat), unlike other steam rooms, is characterized by an increased level of humidity. Due to the high temperature and humidity close to 100%, a mild microclimate is ensured, which contributes to complete muscle relaxation, normalization of thermoregulation and blood circulation. The second name for the hammam is the Turkish sauna, but it was not the Turks who came up with it at all, but the Arabs.

General description

Turkish hammam stands out for its original interior, made of stone, tile and marble in the national Arabic style. For a person born in Russia, this is a completely different world. The ceilings have a domed shape, so the condensation that appears on them does not fall on people, but flows along the walls and enters the receiving tanks.

In the internal part of the building pipes with hot water are laid, due to which the floor, walls and deck chairs are heated. Only the ceiling remains cold. Thanks to special generators located in the wall at a height of about 1.5 meters, light clouds of steam constantly enter the room.

Despite the very high humidity, the Turkish steam room only warms up to 40-50 degrees, which provides a balanced microclimate that is well tolerated by visitors. This is ideal for a person who does not like a hot steam room.

To whom is the Turkish hammam useful and contraindicated?

Why has the Turkish hammam in Minsk recently attracted a huge number of visitors? The reason is quite simple - a modern person cares more about his health. Hammam is not only relaxation and rest, it is a great doctor.

The atmosphere of the bath has a positive effect on all systems and organs, namely:

  1. the skin becomes elastic, silky, young;
  2. prevention of ailments of the back and musculoskeletal system;
  3. muscles become more elastic and tauter;
  4. improve metabolic processes, which leads to the discharge of body fat and weight loss;
  5. the work of the nervous and cardiovascular system returns to normal;
  6. exchange processes are improved;
  7. Increases immunity and tone of the whole organism.

You should not visit Turkish hammam in Minsk if you are pregnant women, and people who suffer:

  1. chronic forms of asthma and tuberculosis;
  2. hypertension;
  3. oncological diseases;
  4. diseases of the heart and liver;
  5. malfunctioning of the thyroid gland;
  6. infectious ailments (fever, cough, running nose).

Benefits of visiting the Riviera SPA complex

Hammam in Minsk is a complex in which experienced specialists work and European equipment is used, which allows customers to achieve amazing results in skin and body care.

Among our advantages:

  1. high level of service;
  2. an individual approach to each client;
  3. the use of innovative technologies;
  4. environmental friendliness of the used tools and materials;
  5. modern design.

Our hammam sauna will make your stay the best in the city!

Turkish sauna

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