Surprisingly, exotic, pleasant and very refreshing - all this can be said about the Ofuro Japanese bath, as well as pick up a few dozens of other epithets that still cannot fully describe all the pleasant sensations from such a pastime. Ofuro Japanese bath originated a long time ago as part of the culture of Japan, emerging from religious characteristics. The fact is that, according to Buddhist laws, the Japanese were forbidden to make soap, and because of the damp climate, they had to visit a hot water bath several times a week. As a result, they created not only a suitable and comfortable font, but also filled it with folk medicinal herbs that have a beneficial effect on the body.

Ofuro bath is a large barrel, which is filled with hot water, cedar sawdust mixed with a variety of exotic herbs. A special seat is installed in the wooden font, so that it would be convenient for a person to be inside, reclining and plunging the body to the chest in warm fragrant water.

Such a Japanese bath perfectly fights fat deposits, saturates the body with useful substances, normalizes blood circulation and just allows you to relax and achieve complete relaxation for the body and mind. And the main role in this is played by the aromas of exotic herbs and the warmth from the water. In addition, such a bath is ideal for those who are going to continue the procedure with massage, peeling or others.

Moreover, it should be noted medical positive effect. Specialists found that the Japanese ofuro bathhouse allows the body to better cope with joint and back pain, rheumatic pains, it stimulates the cardiovascular system, positively affects kidney function and metabolism. Thanks to visiting such a bath, the body is much more effective in coping with colds and infections, which is very important for our climate zone.

Ofuro Japanese bathhouse in Minsk is located in the Riviera SPA complex. Especially here you can feel the real atmosphere of a Japanese sauna, plunge into the incredible aromas of exotic herbs and feel the relaxing and healing effect of a Japanese bath. Coming to the Riviera SPA complex, you can have a good time, relax after a hard day or week, relax in the SPA and significantly increase the tone of your body. Our experts will help you choose the optimal set of procedures that is right for you, taking into account your wishes and health.

Japanese Bath - Ofuro Bath

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