For Finns, a sauna is the same as a Russian banya. The Finnish sauna is an integral part of tradition and culture, guests visit to relax, have a good time, celebrate any holidays and, of course, improve your health. So, what is it really - a Finnish sauna - and what is so special about it that makes people come back again and again? Let's consider in more details.

The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the decoration of the sauna. The Finnish sauna is completely sheathed with wood, there are wooden shelves around the area, the seats in the sauna are made from wood, and the heat is created by the stove-heater. It should be noted that special softwood is used for the sauna. It can be cedar, pine and others, also sometimes a sauna is sheathed by several types of wood at once. This choice for the sauna is not accidental. On the one hand, they perfectly withstand elevated temperatures and humidity, and on the other, it is coniferous trees that give that indescribable atmosphere and the delicious aroma of the forest. In addition to the sauna in the Riviera SPA complex there are relaxation rooms, massage rooms, pools and showers, which allows you to make your stay in the Finnish sauna much more useful and achieve complete relaxation for your body.

Who should use the Finnish sauna?

Despite the similarities with the Russian, lovers of a steam room still have to take into account some features of the Finnish sauna. So, the Finnish sauna is significantly different in its humidity and temperature conditions. In Finnish, you can enjoy dry heat with humidity up to fifteen percent, but the air temperature here is quite high - from seventy to one hundred and ten degrees Celsius. This effect can be achieved, thanks to the device of the sauna and stove in it, when the stones are outside and give off all the heat.

It is believed that due to the high temperature and low humidity, the Finnish sauna is a “harder” version of the sauna. However, at the same time, it is dry heat that many people tolerate much easier, so such a sauna can be suitable even for those who are not very comfortable to steam in a Russian sauna.

Who will benefit from the Finnish sauna in Minsk and how does it affect the body? For several hundred years, visiting a sauna and steam room has been considered a healing process. And in this case, a visit to the Finnish sauna is no exception. Due to active sweating, toxins and all harmful substances are eliminated from the body. At the same time, blood circulation is significantly enhanced, metabolism improves. Heated air has a positive effect on the respiratory system of a person, has a beneficial effect on the lungs.

Such procedures will be an ideal tool for the treatment of various diseases, including rheumatism, organ inflammation, they are ideal for menstrual irregularities and as a tool in the fight against obesity and overweight. And visiting the Finnish sauna in the Riviera SPA complex, you can fully enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and relax after a hard day.

Finnish sauna in Minsk

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