Want to experience the amazing atmosphere of pleasure and bliss of your soul and body? Moroccan hammam in Minsk is exactly what you need! This is more than just a steam room procedure, it is one of the highest-quality programs for healing and recovery, which is in great demand even among Arab sheikhs.

Features of the Moroccan hammam

The Moroccan bath is a steam room, the walls of which are covered with mosaic. Features of the architecture are inspired by oriental motifs. Benches and chairs have a special shape, which contributes to the comfortable implementation of restoring and strengthening activities. The air in the steam room warms up to a temperature of 40 to 50 degrees, saturated with aromas of essential oils. Inside the bath, warm steam is intensively supplied, which spreads throughout the room and maintains 100% humidity in it.

The main feature of the Moroccan hammam is a ritual of applying various natural ingredients to the skin of the face and body. Such as, sea salt, sludge or clay of volcanic origin gassouls, extracted in special geographical places, squeezes from natural ground coffee, natural black oil enriched with vitamin E and containing eucalyptus ether are used.

Peaceful atmosphere and a pleasant aroma contribute to the achievement of deep relaxation and the mood of a person to rest and rest.

Indications and contraindications of Moroccan hammam

The Moroccan steam room has several distinctive features that are extremely beneficial for health:

  1. pores open, fatigue passes, the skin is cleansed;
  2. through open pores, toxins are removed from the body, the work of the respiratory system is normalized;
  3. improved blood circulation contributes to the fact that pains of various origins pass, the brain is better supplied with oxygen, which helps to get rid of insomnia;
  4. steam room has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, provides a reserve of vigor and good mood.

If the sauna regimen is chosen correctly, then a few visits are enough for a person to get in shape.

Contraindications for visiting the Moroccan hammam:

  1. hypertension;
  2. oncological diseases;
  3. women during pregnancy;
  4. cardiovascular ailments;
  5. at high body temperature;
  6. inflammatory diseases of the skin;
  7. cataract;
  8. with severe headaches;
  9. intoxicated.

Benefits of visiting the Riviera SPA complex

The Moroccan hammam is a true pleasure given to us by the East itself. Here, under the influence of hot and wet steam, absolute physical and emotional relaxation is achieved.

Among our advantages:

  • excellent level of service;
  • an individual approach to each visitor;
  • application of innovative technologies;
  • environmental friendliness of the used components.

Our Moroccan steam room will give every cell of your body a real relaxation and enjoyment!

Moroccan hammam

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