Russian banya is not just a place where you can wash yourself. This is a whole tradition, a state of mind, body and mind. It was revered at all times and was a special place for a person where you could put yourself in order, improve your health and your own thoughts. That is why the presence of at least a small, but private steam room was considered so important.

In the “urban jungle”, the Russian banya is presented in a slightly modified form. It is more suitable for modern realities, however, as well as before, it continues to serve as a place for rest, relaxation and recovery. For example, in the Riviera SPA complex you can immediately after the steam plunge into the pool, get massage treatments, enjoy aromatherapy and many other things.

So, for whom the Russian sauna is suitable and to whom it may be useful - we will consider more detailed.

Traditions that confidently entered modernity

The Russian steam room is distinguished by its long history and many interesting traditions. Some of them have “sunk into oblivion”, others have reached us and have become an integral part of the bath culture. The main of these traditions, perhaps, is the use of paired brooms. Today there are a huge number of their varieties, and the whole book can be devoted to the topic of their choice and benefits for the body. By the way, the tradition in this case completely coincided with the opinion of doctors. The latter agree with the people that the use of paired brooms helps to cleanse the body and rid it of many diseases, and make the skin supple and smooth.

In the Riviera SPA complex, they also did not begin to deviate from tradition: both the sauna and the Russian bath have special twin brooms here, selected and made to order from branches of special wood parods. Here you can enjoy the incredible aromatic infusions of herbal preparations, which are used as aromatherapy to improve the condition of the body, organs and a comfortable stay in the sauna.

Sauna for residents

As already mentioned, a Russian banya in Minsk is not just a way to wash. Today, a trip to the sauna in the SPA-center is impossible to imagine without a variety of cosmetic procedures. And this is right, because where else can you use creams, oils or body scrubs so effectively? Even massage procedures after the sauna give a greater effect, and the fact that the skin after the steam room is better saturated with nutrients, vitamins and minerals contained in special creams is known from antiquity. Previously, such self-care was distinguished by a whole ritual, today in the city it is a procedure for maintaining yourself and your body in excellent shape.

A Russian sauna in Minsk in the Riviera SPA complex allows residents of the city to feel all the charm of true traditional relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as to feel the strength and healing properties of nature without leaving the metropolis. This is real, unsurpassed pleasure and complete relaxation at the end of a difficult working week: plunge into the aromas of trees and herbs, forget about the city bustle and in a pleasant atmosphere come in complete harmony with yourself.

The Russian sauna with a swimming pool in the Riviera SPA complex is made to modern standards, but with an eye to traditions and the best that our ancestors came up with. It allows you to get rid of stress, improve the nervous system, and helps in the fight against aging, overweight and other problems. It is a Russian sauna with a swimming pool that makes it possible not only to forget about the external city bustle, but also to heal your body, get a surge of strength, emotions and a charge of energy for the next week, thanks to contrasting procedures.

Russian steam room

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