Sanarium is a steam room that will allow you to relax and improve your health. This is a soft version of the sauna, characterized by a comfortable temperature and humidity. To whom such a bath is suitable and what its health benefits are, we will consider more detailed.

At that time, while the Finnish sauna attracted people with intense heat, and in the Russian sauna soared with high humidity, the Germans created something between these two steam rooms, adding much more comfort. Sanarium is an ideal option for those who cannot or do not like to attend regular steam rooms. Here you can safely be more than half an hour, with greater benefits for the body and at the same time in a mild microclimate. The air temperature in such a steam room is not more than sixty degrees Celsius, and humidity hardly reaches 45-50%. Thanks to these characteristics, the sanarium is becoming more widespread in our country.

Sanarium today is a complete and deep warming up of internal organs and muscles. A visit to the steam room allows the body to be ideally prepared for further procedures, such as peeling, masks, massages, body wraps and many others. The steam room effectively relaxes the body, improves the nervous system and metabolism, normalizes blood circulation, and positively affects sleep. At the same time, the sanarium is suitable even for those who, due to their health, cannot visit the steam room or sauna.

The modern version of the sanarium, presented in the Riviera SPA complex, allows you to select and adjust the optimal air temperature and humidity for guests, use aromatherapy and relaxing oils. A steam room will allow you to achieve complete relaxation and at the same time increase your tone, and thanks to the development of endorphins, in one visit you can feel a surge of strength, vitality and energy for a long time.

The main things that distinguishes the sanarium:

  1. Soft microclimate. The steam room, although it combines the best of the Finnish and Russian saunas, but still brings a new look to the procedures due to the low humidity and temperature. During your stay in the sanarium, you get the impression that you are in a rainforest.
  2. The steam room is characterized by a comfortable atmosphere in which the body immediately relaxes and cleanses. Such relaxation has a positive effect on health. So, warming up in a sanarium leads to beneficial changes in the body, enhances metabolism, and develops protective mechanisms of the body. The steam room gives calms the nerves and restores strength. Reduces pressure, and simply improves the quality of life.
  3. The aroma and sound accompaniment in the steam room acts on the whole body, harmonizes the processes taking place in the body, gives you the opportunity to relax and achieve complete relaxation and good rest in a short time.

A visit to the sanarium in the Riviera SPA complex is a pleasant and friendly atmosphere from the first minute. Our experts will choose for you the best option for a steam room, carry out all the necessary procedures. We use an integrated approach, where scientific, medical knowledge and achievements go along with folk methods and traditions, and all this works to achieve one result - your harmony.


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